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Building higher states of being...

Building Higher States of Being

Have you ever experienced a hightened state of awareness, only to have it fade? Did you ever wonder where the extra awareness came from? Did you ever wonder where it went?

Stable Higher States
When most people experience higher states, the states are transitory; they come and go. This book solves an age-old riddle: "Where did the extra awareness come from, and where did it go?" Solving the riddle brings us to the trailhead of a new science of consciousness which can ultimately lead to permanent higher states.

This book provides the scientific know-how for genetically engineering neural support of higher states based on a new science of spiritual neurophysics which illuminates - for the first time - how spirit and neurology interact.

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Global Audience
The information in this book is of interest to progressive, forward-thinking individuals in a global audience of one billion people who accept their spiritual nature. Its widespread application can accelerate humanity’s conscious evolution to higher levels of awareness.

These breakthrough discoveries are conveyed in simple, straightforward language and richly supported with color graphs, charts, diagrams and illustrations..

Hardcover book
Professional edition
Large 8" X 10" format
Weight 2.5 lbs.
J.L. Mee, Future Life University Press 2016
280 pages, 144 full color illustrations
Price: $69.00