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Scientific methods for improving future lives...

Designing Future Lives
Entirely new kinds of future lives can be opened up by the scientific application of modern astronomy, neurology, psychology, and physics. Future Life Design introduces a new trans-life cognitive science for enhancing a person’s reincarnation skills and improving the quality of their upcoming lives. Higher quality future lives can eradicate suffering and expand joy. The methodology is grounded in a revolutionary 21st Century mathematics of consciousness.

Hardcover scientific textbook
Large 8" X 10" format
Weight 2.5 lbs.
J.L. Mee, Future Life University Press 2015
Third edition
435 pages, 254 color illustrations

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"I believe J.L. Mee is a "ground-breaking theorist" in the field of how our behavior and thoughts are eternal, affecting life after life after life."
- Thea Alexander, Author, 2150 AD
Future Life Design is the first book ever to:

Reveal fundamental laws of awareness, including volume, density, and
. periodicity

Formulate a mathematics of consciousness

Establish a trans-life memory science

Organize a trans-life cognitive science for boosting reincarnation skills


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Awakening the student into a realization of their spiritual identity is the goal of many programs. It is the starting point for this program. This is an advanced course of study.

The work multiplies a person’s freedom and range of choices, opening a gateway to better future lives, and also a channel for positive change today.

The information contained in this book is of interest to progressive individuals in a global audience of one billion people who accept reincarnation. Its widespread application can accelerate humanity’s conscious evolution to premium-quality future lives.