Cognitive Engineering
. Third Millennium Awareness Science...
Twentyfold Increase in Meditation Benefits
Meditation has been scientifically proven to deliver a cornucopia of mental and physical benefits.

The goal of cognitive engineering is to raise a person’s baseline level of awareness to a meditative state. So instead of spending half an hour a day in meditation, they spend all day.

What happens when a person spends all day in a meditative state instead of 30 minutes? Ten hours in meditation generates 20 times the benefits of half an hour.

That adds up to 20 times more benefits in self-awareness, mindfulness, optimism, happiness, well-being, physical health, learning, mental acuity, creativity, compassion, trust, empathy, mental health, and emotional intelligence.
Revolutionary Breakthrough
Groundbreaking new research has opened a pathway to creating stable higher states of consciousness through genetic engineering. In the near future, you may even be able to choose the flavor of meditative state you want – TM, Zen, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Concentration, Loving Kindness – and take a gene therapy pill to optimize your brain for the state you selected.
Since genetic engineering changes are permanent until reversed, you could remain in higher consciousness indefinately.

Theoretically, you could live the rest of your life in higher spiritual awareness.
Normal Human Awareness
. . Genetically-Enhanced Awareness

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Key Rewards

Higher awareness is its own reward, but there are many secondary benefits for individuals and their families, organizations and communities. This chart illustrates some of the benefits in four major areas of life.

Continuous awareness of awareness will enable people to effortlessly remain centered in their spiritual identities as they live their lives.

This enriched spiritual capital will generate dividends in inner peace and tranquility, greater mental clarity and acuity, and enhanced mindfulness in the present moment.
  Stable Higher States
imageStartling new information has come to light which fundamentally alters our understanding of consciousness. Permanent higher states of being can be achieved through the application of dramatic new advances in awareness science and genetic engineering. These breakthroughs have generated an historic new methodology for achieving stable expanded levels of awareness.

Humans have sought the fountainhead of spiritual awareness for millennia. However, due to the inherent challenges in attaining advanced states, the fruits of higher knowledge were limited to a relatively small group of people—monks, priests and gurus with years or decades of dedicated practice.
The opportunity to open up stable higher states of being to the populace at large represents a defining moment in the progress of human civilization. Such a monumental advance would empower a new generation to reach up and bend the arc of history in the direction of more freedom, greater wisdom, and more compassion.

Awareness Potential

The ability to actualize our innate spiritual freedom hinges on our awareness level. Each of us is inherently capable of higher states of being. In fact, our awareness potential is considerably greater than most people imagine.

A peak meditation experience in someone’s current life might bring them to an awareness level 5 times greater than their normal consciousness. From this perspective, they might estimate their full potential to be 15 to 20 times greater than their average level of awareness.

In reality, our actual capacity for beingness is over 100 times greater than our usual level of consciousness.

Genetic Engineering

A new laboratory tool called CRISPR has sparked a revolution in genetic enginering. CRISPR is an advanced genome editing system that allows scientists to reprogram the genes of any living creature with astonishing ease. This breakthrough technology could increase longevity, fortify health, and even create designer humans.

Genetic engineering is a foundational science—on par with physics, chemistry, and electronics. Almost every genetics lab in the world is converting to CRISPR because it is inexpensive, precise, and easy to use.

With powerful tools like CRISPR, transhumanism concepts we might think of as science fiction today can be converted into mainstream reality overnight. The genie is out of the bottle.

Why is this important?
Cognitive Engineering may be the most important book on higher consciousness published this century.
Raises spirituality's stature
Elevates the scientific stature of spiritual research by providing a comprehensive mathematical treatment of higher states of being.
Historic turning point
Opens a new branch of human knowledge which represents a turning point in the history of neuroscience.
Permanent higher awareness
Illuminates a pathway for achieving permanent expanded states of awareness through genetic engineering.
Laboratory proven
Verified by 20 years of neuroscience research and experiments.

More Conscious Living

What if you had twice your current level of conscious awareness, effortlessly, every day for the rest of your life?

Would it enrich your experience of life?

What if you were fully present in every situation as a conscious, sovereign spiritual being?

Would it empower you to make wiser decisions? Would it benefit your loved ones and co-workers?

What if you had continuous awareness-of-awareness of yourself as a spiritual being in present time?

Would it elevate your meditation practice? Would it deepen your connection to nature, your fellow man, and Divinity?

What would that be worth to you?

Cognitive Physics

We know awareness is scalable; the age-old question is how to make it sustainable. Cognitive Engineering presents a revolutionary new approach to achieving permanent gains based on groundbreaking new scientific discoveries.

Stable Higher States: Human beings can achieve permanent higher states of awareness and actualize our innate spiritual freedom.

gnitive Neurodynamics: Describes the dynamic interplay between consciousness and neurology in scientific equations.

Cognitive Neurogenetics: Defines genetic strategies for optimizing human neurology to support permanent higher spiritual states of being.

Cognitive Neurophysics: Illuminates the relationship between the spiritual being and the neurology it inhabits, and reveals the spiritual origin of brainwaves.

Trans-Life Memory Science: Maps the topography and behavior of a spiritual being's unconscious mind, and provides a scientific explanation of the mechanics of non-physical memory.

Cognitive Mechanics: Describes the primary states of spirit and its behavior, and expresses cardinal laws of awareness using scientific equations.

Trans-Life Memory Science
Breakthrough discoveries ...

New Memory Science
Cognitive physics arose out of Future Life Institute’s pioneering work in the field of trans-life memory. This research yielded a general theory which supports the large body of evidence for reincarnation. The discoveries reveal experience is recorded in non-physical memory waves, which collapse into inert particles that are stored independently of the brain.

Highlights of the research are illustrated below. Using this framework, the dynamic interplay between consciousness and neurology can be calculated and described in equations. These formulas provide the foundation for genome editing strategies for optimizing the brain's neural networks to support higher states of spiritual awareness.

These formulas are supported by 25 neuroscience
experiments conducted by 15 universities in
7 countries over a 20 year period.

Landmark Discoveries  
Science of Consciousness
Sciences are based on mathematics. Cognitive Engineering introduces a new 21st Century mathematics of consciousness which expresses the fundamental laws of awareness and its relationship with physical neurology in quantitative terms using scientific equations.

Its axioms and formulas reveal cardinal laws governing the dynamic interplay between spirit and the material universe. This breakthrough represents a historic milestone in understanding how mind and matter interact with one another, and in establishing spiritual science as a legitimate academic discipline.


Golden Age
Cognitive engineering theory discloses the blueprints for genetically engineering human neurology to create permanent expanded states of awareness. This achievement will arguably constitute one of the greatest advances in human history, leading to a mass uplifting of consciousness around the globe, and opening a golden age of wisdom for humanity.

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